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Bryan Randall

Funeral Director/Owner

Bryan is very excited to be an owner and funeral director at Cedar Valley Funeral and Cremation. He and his wife LouAnne have been praying  for the windows of opportunity to open up to them in some way or another and they feel that this has been an answer to their prayers.  After nearly two decades of serving Iron County  they look forward to being able to continue serving this community with respect and compassion while saving families money in the process

Bryan was born in the Salt Lake Valley and was raised in West Jordan, Utah.  He graduated from West Jordan High in 1994.  After graduation he was called to serve in the Fortaleza, Brazil Mission.  It was here that Bryan learned to love serving people and to put their needs ahead of his own.

Upon returning from his mission he felt an overwhelming desire to continue serving people.  He wanted to pursue something that would allow him to serve others doing things that they couldn’t do for themselves.  Through a home teaching companion he was introduced to the funeral industry.  As he looks back he truly believes that he is accomplishing his desire to serve by serving others at the hardest times in their lives.

It is very difficult to get into this field of employment but when he finally got his chance he was able to be trained under Del Ballard of Goff Mortuary, one of the best and most respected Funeral Directors in the state of Utah.  There, he learned to unconditionally serve others no matter the situation, “the family” was always first above anything else, and this has held true with Bryan throughout his whole career.   

After completing his training at Goff Mortuary Bryan moved his family to Cedar City, and for nearly two decades he has served the wonderful people or Iron and all the other surrounding counties.   This is a very difficult profession and it comes with great personal sacrifices.  Bryan often gets asked How do you do what you do?  His usual reply is “it’s just what I do.”

When he has time for hobbies Bryan loves to work in the garden.  There is nothing more energizing than getting your hands dirty in the garden soil.  Gardening is Bryans escape and takes his mind off of all the many challenges that he faces on a regular basis.    Bryan can often be seen simply sitting in the middle of his vast garden fingers running through the soil surrounded by Gods goodness soaking in the peacefulness of life.  He is always amazed by the miracle of a seed.

Other hobbies include lap swimming, Camping (when he can), reading, and listening to as many books and podcasts as he can.

Please reach out to Bryan with any questions and concerns he will be happy to meet with you.  Feel free to reach out to any of the families that Bryan has served over the years, they too will reassure you of his compassion and desire to serve and help with one of the hardest times of your life.

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